For a business to reach its full potential, it needs the best equipment. It’s non-negotiable. However, sometimes it isn’t practical for business owners to splash huge amounts of cash on the latest tech. ATS has a solution. Whether you’re after desktops, phone systems, mobiles or tablets, we can help. We offer a flexible and efficient telecoms leasing service that ensures you will have the necessary resources for your business to flourish without having to dish out a lump sum.

Do I need telecoms equipment?

In short, yes. Yes, you do. Businesses are very small fish in one very big ocean. In order to get your company noticed, you need to be offering something that nobody else is. Up to date and advanced telecoms equipment can give you the opportunity to surpass competitors. Whether it’s for quicker and clearer communication with customers, making operations more efficient, getting your colleagues connected or increasing the capacity of your business whilst keeping costs down and saving time, telecoms are now not only important but essential.

Why leasing?

Telecoms leasing not only allows you to keep up to date with state of the art technology but it’s also practical. We allow you to upgrade equipment at any time throughout your lease period and give you the best finance options available. That means you can get the best equipment whenever you need it – not just when budgets allow. With 100% tax relief rentals payable, a choice of monthly or quarterly payments (rather than one large lump sum) and keeping cashflow within the business, we structure your payments to suit your budgetary requirements. On top of all of this, by using equipment leasing as an alternative funding facility, you’ll be protecting your existing credit lines.
Really, it’s a win-win.

Where we come in

As well as the chance to keep up with industry competitors, you’ll be receiving the best service possible. On top of our adaptable and efficient service, you’ll be provided with our dedicated ATS customer service team. They’re there to follow up with any queries or aftercare you require. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable and satisfied.

So, if your business is in need of telecoms equipment but you’re sceptical of the big cash purchase, our leasing service is made for you. ATS offers the ease and assurance of secure and fixed payments that are catered to you as an individual. Staying connected and updated in the world of business has never been more important or easier.

If you’re interested in telecoms leasing, then give us a call on 0330 053 5533.


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