One of the most popular events in the world of technology took place this month and we were amazed by some of the innovative devices presented at CES 2019. In fact, some inventions displayed at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) actually made a few headlines… but we won’t get into that.

What was on show?

There was plenty of new things to get excited about from robotics to automotives. The Lovot Groove X is a cute robot who is made for companionship. If that’s not for you though, there was also the extremely helpful FoldiMate, a robotic machine which folds your laundry for you!

In automotives, the Bell Nexus urban air taxi was an impressive display. The hybrid-electric four-passenger air taxi capable of vertical take-off and landing garnered a lot of attention.

Unfortunately, CES 2019 was a quiet year for smartphone news. In fact, it was mostly all about 5G and a surprise smartphone released from a little-known company.

5G and the foldable phone

It’s safe to say that 5G is a big talking point for the smartphone industry at the moment and rather than launch any new phones, the big smartphone manufacturers presented their plans for 5G-enabled devices.

It was anticipated that a foldable phone would be announced at CES 2019 as there has been a lot of talk and competition over which smartphone manufacturer would unveil the first flexible, folding smartphone.

This move came from a relatively unknown start-up called Royole who were the first to debut their folding screen device, the FlexPai. The FlexPai Phone was an impressive device to see as it folded from a tablet into a phone. Will this be the next movement for the design of smartphones?

There have been suggestions that Samsung may unveil their version of the foldable smartphone when they launch the Galaxy S10, but whether it remains to be ground-breaking with other companies releasing their own version including Royole and Xiaomi remains to be seen.

Tech for business

There were some cool tech devices that flew under the radar in the shadow of the bigger devices, but some of the innovative technology on show for businesses included connected camera glasses for video conferencing, a wireless charger that doubles as a clock and even a device which UV sanitises your phone whilst charging it.

Pretty handy stuff for when you need to be out and about or working remotely. This is something we understand, here at ATS, which is why we offer such great deals on our business mobiles. To make communications in your business run as smoothly as possible!

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