My name is Kevin, I’m a Lead Generator with Associated Telecom Solutions. In my role, I help businesses who may be looking for, or want their business telecoms, reviewing. I arrange for our specialists to assess current plans, so our customers can move their business communication needs more easily into the future.

In my spare time I am also interested in local history. ATS recently re-located to new offices in Madeley, Telford, and the area has a fascinating history. I thought in this blog I would share some insights with you.

ATS offices, 12-14 Court Street, Madeley

the ATS offices, 12-14 Court Street, Madeley
ATS moved from the historic Battlefield area of Shrewsbury to another historical part of Shropshire during early 2017.

Madeley can be traced back to before the 8th Century to around 730AD. Historical records tell us that St. Milburgh bought three hides at ‘Magalee’ from Sigward, one of King Ethebald’s personal followers. Ethelbad was King of Mercia, (now the midlands) from 716 until he was killed in 757.

Court Street, where ATS is now located in Madeley, was the main route to the 16th Century Court House. Sir Robert Brooke built the property in 1553, after acquiring the land from Wenlock Priory in 1544. Previously there had been a Monastic Grange on the site.

Madeley Court House and Pool c1890

ATS history at Madeley, Telford

Madeley Court House now stands as a refurbished and extended modern day hotel, while still keeping its Elizabethan era charm.

Located at 12-14 Court Street, ATS continues to offer their existing and potential customers a complete solution to all their communication needs.

Court Street in the 1960s

Court Street, Madeley, ATS offices

ATS is on the left today, just before the Barley Mow pub. The row of cottages beyond the pub were almost all demolished in 1968 to make way for Parkway, the Madeley bypass at the start of what is now known as the new town of Telford. The garden walls to the right were demolished at the same time to make way for a pavement.

Court Street Madeley 1905 and 2017

court street in 1905 and 2017

Court Street has always been a commercial centre for Madeley. It previously boasted four public houses, a photographer’s shop, decorators, solicitors, advice counsellors, sport and sweet shop along with a fishmonger. ATS now compliments Court Street, by working within an original 1800’s townhouse from the past while offering solutions in communications for the future.

Whether you are currently a customer, or would like to chat about your telecom bills, we hope to welcome you to our Madeley offices soon!