A Summary of the New iOS 13

Apple has unveiled the new features for the iOS 13 update and it doesn’t disappoint! Here’s our round up of some of the most exciting developments. Dark Mode Following the trend set by Android phones, iOS 13 offers a new light-on-dark colour setting called dark mode....

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The All-New Google Pixel 3a Mobile Review

We have the latest tech when it comes to supplying mobile phones. This now includes Google’s brand new Pixel 3a mobile phone.

The 3a has an ambitious objective – to deliver premium smartphone features, in an affordable model. And we think the 3a does just that.

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Make a connection with 4G Assure

There aren’t many businesses these days which can function without internet. In fact, having access to broadband is of the upmost importance for the majority of businesses. Broadband disruption can directly impact the progress of your business from losing profits to...

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Corporate gym membership introduced for staff

If you read our blog in September about the Energize workshop we attended, you will be familiar with our commitment to promoting activity in the workplace. If you missed it, you can read it here. Dedication to promoting activity Corporate Social Responsibility was...

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