Mobile Tracking

Help protect your business mobiles and staff from cyber and physical attack for just £3 per month

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We’re partnering with McAfee and O2 to help businesses keep their staff safe.

Remote Locate / Remote Track

Is it important to know where your staff are? Do you have employees who are often out working on their own?

Our easy-to-install app allows you to locate any staff member via their mobile phone and track them for up to six hours.  The specialised software could be vital if staff are entering into potentially difficult off-site locations. Even if their mobile is switched off or the battery dies, McAfee pings the last known location before loss of signal / power.

Remote Device Back-Up and Privacy Protection

Can you back up your mobiles’ contacts and texts? How do you monitor the sending of inappropriate photographs?

Our app randomly selects three to four devices a week to back up and view for inappropriate content. It also backs up external SD memory cards. This discourages any staff from phone misuse and in turn protects your customers’ privacy and your organisation from litigation.

This can be especially important for businesses working with vulerable people.

Remote Lock, Wipe and Factory Restore

How sensitive is your information and what are you doing to protect it?

Protect both yours and your customers’ information stored on all devices if lost or stolen by remotely wiping the device. You can assure your customers that any personal data stored on your devices is encrypted, and can be completely wiped if the device is lost, stolen or compromised.

See immediately where and who is trying to crack your phone password.

Anti-Virus, Anti Malware, Anti-Spam

What precautions are you taking to protect your data and passwords from potential harm or theft? If one of your business mobiles were hacked, could harm your business or slow down productivity?

With the McAfee app, you will have access to real time updates and protection against unsolicited attacks. Mobile tracking through ATS will protect your devices and your corporate data from virus attacks, web attacks and data leaks from mobile apps.

‘Someone who hasn’t had an attack will ask how much…. Someone who has will ask how soon can I have it on my device?’

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