We are well and truly into the New Year. What does that mean? Well, as always, a new year means new mobile handset rumours. 2017 saw the release of the coveted iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy 8 and Google Pixel 2. It was a big year for mobile phones, but 2018 promises to be just as exciting with plenty of innovative devices set to be released.

To help you decide which phone is best for your business, we have rounded up a handful of handsets that are coming out this year. But remember, these are just rumours for now…

Here’s our roundup of the top 7 predicted handsets of 2018:

Google Pixel 3

Rumoured to be released in October, it’s assumed that Google is going to release three different versions of the pixel phone. With the third predicted to be a competitor for the iPhone X, you can expect ultra-HD and a Snapdragon 845 processor making the phones 30 percent more efficient. The other models are expected to host smaller screens, however, that doesn’t mean any of the specs will be compromised. We’re likely to see an under-glass fingerprint sensor and, of course, waterproofing, a front-facing stereo speaker and perhaps an aluminium chassis.


This handset is anticipated to feature Qualcomm’s new 7nm Snapdragon 845 chip which is rumoured to provide “vault-like security”. The fact that a patent for a feature allowing the user to unlock the phone and simultaneously protect sensitive data suggests this device will be ultra-safe. Also rumoured is a camera that can switch from infra-red to a regular one for an iris scanner. Featuring a dual-camera setup and a potential switch to OLED, this phone promises to be something special.

Surface Phone

Microsoft has new patents that indicate a foldable mobile device is in the works. Tech gurus predict it will be a cross between a Nintendo 3DS and Microsoft’s surface devices. In other words, it will be a device that can act as a laptop when folded or a regular touch device when laid flat; the best of both worlds.

Nokia 9

Hinted to have a bigger screen-to-body ratio than the Nokia 8, we could see a display that rivals the Galaxy S8. It will likely include an iris scanner, fingerprint scanner and a 5 Mp selfie camera brilliant for those who like getting the perfect snap. On top of that, it’s almost certain that the 360-degree Ozo audio recording from the Nokia 8 will be carried forward to the ninth model.

Samsung Galaxy Note X

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S9 is set for release in February, most people are really excited for a potential ‘Samsung Galaxy X’. If the phone is announced as expected, fans are anticipating a phone with a foldable screen. With the ability to fold out the device into a 7in tablet, this is something worth waiting for.


TCL (the BlackBerry manufacturers) have announced a new version of the KeyOne handset. This indirectly confirmed that new BlackBerry phones are in the pipeline this year. Whilst we don’t know any details about the design, it’s anticipated we can actually expect 2 phones from BlackBerry in 2018.

iPhone 2018

As always, rumours surrounding Apple’s 2018 plans have been buzzing around the internet. Some are anticipating a sequel to the iPhone SE, and others are expecting a successor to the X. We may even get both. Either way, anticipate Face ID, OLED options (maybe a third LCD device), 3D Touch and TrueDepth front cameras. There may even be a switch back to aluminium frames to bring the price down for an SE sequel.

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