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Meet Tom, our Sales Manager

Our next team member who we would like to introduce is Tom, our Sales manager. You got a slight insight into who Tom on our social media, but we wanted you all to get to know him a little better 😊

What have you learnt about yourself whilst at Associated Telecom?

Prioritise and make time for your own development! Being in the car long periods in my working week I tend to listen to audiobooks and podcasts so I always learn!

Favourite thing about your current role?

Without a doubt working with a group of great people where culture comes first! It’s a very busy and exciting period so being able to influence any form of growth through sales is also very rewarding!

What’s your go to TV series?

(When Love Island isn’t on) Rocketman / Wolf of Wall Street / Apollo 13 / Twister (90’s tom wanted to be a storm chaser growing up)!

Your on death row- what would your f?

Nando’s Houmous and Peri Drizzle, Homemade Lasagne with salad and a Banoffee Pie to follow!

What made you want to start learning to fly a plane?

As a child my Nan used to take me to the airport most weekends to watch the planes and we would be there for hours being fascinated. Pre 9/11 I was invited in to the cockpit mid-flight returning from Fuerteventura and remember sitting with pilots asking 100’s of questions about being above the clouds and was mesmerized – it’s like I have a photographic memory of it still!

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