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Meet Lorna, our Service and Provisioning Manager

Our next team member who we would like to introduce is Lorna, our wonderful Service and Provisioning manager. You got a slight insight into who Lorna is on our social media, but we wanted you all to get to know her a little better 😊

Favourite thing about your role at Associated Telecom?

I really enjoy my role as it can be so varied.  Some days come with ease and flows smoothly – others come with their challenges.  I enjoy ensuring projects are managed fully from start to finish.  I have also enjoyed helping to put new processes in place to ensure our customers have the smoothest transition!

Favourite holiday destination and why?

We’re working towards taking our children to Florida.  It’s the most magical place for both children and adults.  I loved going there when I was younger with my family.  Disney, Universal Studios, American Fast Food and the WEATHER- it really is the best place on Earth!

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

I usually spend the weekend with my family- my partner usually sorts breakfast and then we spend the day relaxing at home, going swimming, or going to the park.  Some cleaning and tidying up may be involved, but life is too short for that and I’d much rather spend time with the kids and Dave- although sometimes it’d be nice to escape ha-ha.

Something you’ve learnt about yourself during your career?

My career so far has spanned 15 or so years and, in that time, I’ve grown a lot.  The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that communication isn’t as scary as I thought.  I used to struggle to communicate in person or over the phone.  Today, it comes with ease, and I feel very comfortable talking with people of differing backgrounds, professions, and opinions.

Explain a little bit more about your hobby of collecting 50ps..

A few years ago, my son started having to take an item into school each week for him to discuss.  It got me thinking about what he may be able to use as he got older.  Dave mentioned saving one of each coin for the year he was born – so whenever I received some change I would check to see if there was 1p, 2p, 5p etc that was produced in 2013.  As I was doing this, I noticed there are so many different, fun, interesting and unique prints on 50p’s.  At one point the obsession became so bad that I’d got my whole family checking their change for 50p’s that I hadn’t got in my collection – it also turns out that duplicates are not rare. My favourite ones are the Beatrix Potter and any historical ones!

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Lorna through this mini interview. We will be back with another Meet The Team blog next month where you will get to know another member of Associated Telecom!

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