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Meet Connor, our Operations Manager

Our next team member who we would like to introduce is Connor, our Operations manager. You got a slight insight into who Connor is on our social media, but we wanted you all to get to know him a little better 😊

What have you learnt about yourself whilst at Associated Telecom?

I have learnt that I am a little too self-critical sometimes. I often judge my own work a lot harder than I do others which isn’t always a bad thing as I think it is important to set strong goals to allow myself to improve. However, it does mean that I want to make sure everything is ‘perfect’.

Favourite thing about your current role?

Definitely working with the Associated Telecom team! In my position I get to liaise with everyone in every department on a professional and personal level. Our team works so well together and each character holds such a pivotal role, it is a privilege to get to work with such a great, hardworking bunch.

What’s your go to TV series?

100% Lost. I have probably seen it six times from start to finish and every time I find something new and deeper meanings in all of the mysteries. It is one that can be hard to understand due to all of the twists and turns, but definitely worth the time if you’re willing to delve into the mysteries.

Your on death row- what would your f?

Definitely as follows:

Starter: TGI’s Sesame Chicken

Main: 2 Dominoes Pizzas – Cheese Burger Pizza w/ Extra Cheese and Meteor BBQ Base

Pudding: Sticky Toffee Pudding with Custard

If you were to learn a new skill, what would it be and why?

I would love to learn how to play the Piano professionally- I can play twinkle twinkle little star so far and that’s about it haha!

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