There aren’t many businesses these days which can function without internet. In fact, having access to broadband is of the upmost importance for the majority of businesses. Broadband disruption can directly impact the progress of your business from losing profits to frustrating your staff.

With 4G Assure, your business is provided with a connection even if your broadband is interrupted. Here at ATS, we are proud to be an authorised supplier for BT and provide our customers with the best broadband options for their business.

What is 4G Assure?

We’re glad you asked. 4G Assure is a convenient innovation that makes doing business a lot easier! You are automatically connected to 4G if the worst happens and you lose broadband connection. It’s the UK’s first and only broadband service that can automatically switch to 4G, so you’re guaranteed to never lose business or time again.

Choosing 4G Assure is a simple process. Once your order is confirmed, we will send you a Smart Hub and your 4G Assure service can be up and running the next day. So, no waiting around or major changes to your working day.

The clever thing about 4G Assure is that we’ll be notified if you switch to 4G, so we’ll know your broadband connection has been interrupted. Which allows us to focus on fixing the issue without you having to inform us about the broadband interruption.

This cuts out the time you would have to spend on the phone trying to contact us. We will then use that time to fix the problem instead. It’s really a win-win situation as we fix the problem while your business continues undisturbed with 4G.

The benefits of 4G Assure for business:

  • A reliable connection for your business.
  • Once confirmed, your 4G Assure will be sent out to you the next day.
  • Instantly switches to 4G if your broadband goes off.
  • We receive notification once you switch to 4G, so we can work on fixing it.

Why choose ATS?

When it comes to choosing 4G Assure, you don’t just receive an internet connection with great benefits. You are also provided with ATS’s personal customer service and your own account manager who is dedicated to helping you with any questions. This way, you are always connected to the same person – and always receiving a personable service!

If you would like more information about 4G Assure or would like to discuss your business broadband options, please call us on 0330 053 5533.

4G Assure