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Horizon Contact Webinar

We understand the pain of being inundated with customer calls on a Monday morning and having to deal with unhappy customers who have been on hold for some time. We understand that not every customer will have the same query and may need to speak to different departments within the business.

We understand that a businesses main priority is to provide their customers with the best customer service possible, so how can we help to make sure your business can provide this and overcome any bugbears you may have?

Introducing Horizon Contact

Horizon Contact is an integrated business communication and customer contact solution that simplifies multi-channel customer interaction, perfect for organisations who want to make it easier for customers to engage with them. Horizon Contact provides an easy to use, self-service feature, set for small to medium businesses, at a price point that is affordable. You can be in control of a simple and effective system, without the need of an outbound call centre to rely on.

Key features of the Contact Centre

Call Back –  We understand that customers aren’t always in a position to wait in a queue to speak to an agent. Horizon Contact can be configured to assess a caller’s position in the queue, announce the estimated wait time and offer the caller the option of a call back if the wait time is too long. Selected time slots can also be offered to provide a more flexible call back option.

Call Routing–  This allows you to automatically route calls to the most qualified agent, thereby improving levels of customer experience and first call resolution.

Webchat– Webchat is the fastest growing communication channel and using simple tools, you can embed code into your website that will connect your potential sales leads directly to the most skilled agents.

Changes in the telecommunication world

The world of telecommunications is facing a lot of changes over the next few years, as we are preparing for the ISDN switch offs. The ISDN switch off in particular will have a big impact on many businesses still using landlines, as it means the old copper wire system they run off will no longer be functional from 2025. In preparation for the switch off, our team are helping customers move over to a cloud-based VoIP system that will help future-proof your business. Needing only a stable broadband connection, this phone system allows you to place and receive calls over the internet. For some people, they are yet to make the switch to a cloud based telephone system, whereas some businesses have already made the switch. Horizon Contact is an added addition to the cloud-based telephone system, which ultimately elevates your customer service and eliminates your phone system problems.

The webinar

The purpose of the webinar is to allow you to gain a better understanding into how we can make your customer service experience as seamless and as stress free as possible, for you and the customer. This interactive 30-minute webinar will include:

A brief overview of Horizon Contact

The key benefits of the Contact Centre and how it can help your business

A live demo of how to use the system

Question and answer session with the experts themselves

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 1st March, and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch at info@associated-telecom.com

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