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A summary of the new iOS 13

Apple has unveiled the new features for the iOS 13 update and it doesn’t disappoint! Here’s our round up of some of the most exciting developments.

A summary of the new iOS 13

Dark Mode

Following the trend set by Android phones, iOS 13 offers a new light-on-dark colour setting called dark mode. It looks great and will save battery. That’s the kind of practical design feature we like!

Turn up the speed

Apple reports to have improved performance speeds – with Face Unlock working 30% faster, downloads from the app store 50% smaller and updates 60% smaller. This will aid apps launching twice as fast.

Swipe out

Another feature that Androids have led the way on is their new support of swipe typing. Your finger doesn’t have to leave the keyboard between letters, which will help you save valuable milliseconds!

Remember remember

The reminders app has had a much-needed overhaul. New sections include scheduled tasks and flagged tasks, plus smart lists that allow you to tag a person’s name, so you get a reminder prompt when you next message them.


Apple claim to have driven four million miles to collect more data on road, terrain and buildings, which will improve the maps app. They have added a binoculars button providing a ‘Look Around’ feature in some areas, which will be Apple’s equivalent of Google’s Street View. You can now add places to a favourites list, and also to ‘Collections’ that can be shared with friends.


It might not be relevant from a business perspective, but it’s definitely something you won’t miss when the update comes out. Memojis are getting a big expansion. If you missed it in the iOS 12 update, they are an animated emoji that uses an avatar to track your facial movements, so you can turn yourself in to an emoji. There will be a lot more characteristics to choose from and customizations, with the ability to choose make-up, piercings and even customizable teeth.


The camera features don’t change too much, apart from more controls in Portrait mode, but editing abilities have had an upgrade. There are a lot more effects, plus greater control of brightness, contrast, exposure etc. This also applies to videos, which can now be rotated.

A natural Siri

Siri has been gifted a new voice system called “Neural Text to Speech” which will smooth out more complex words so they sound more natural, rather than the current system of stitching together words.


Owners of Apple’s wireless Bluetooth ear buds will be pleased with some exciting new features. Siri will be able to read you your messages as soon as they arrive, and you will be able to reply instantly. You will also be able to listen to music or watch videos with other AirPod owners, by tapping your phones together to share audio.

Not long to wait

iOS 13 is due to be released this autumn. The software update doesn’t support some older apple models – it will only be compatible for iPhone 6s and later models

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