There are more than 50, 000 homes and businesses across our home county of Shropshire within reach of faster fibre broadband (23 Feb 2016, Connecting Shropshire Website).

Of course not everyone chooses to make the switch. Concerns about cost can often put people off as fibre tends to be more expensive than your regular broadband across ADSL. There are plenty of special offers across the media but often if you dig down into the Ts & Cs, you may discover they are time-limited or the cost of the landline has not been included.


Transparent fibre broadband pricing

It’s not surprising that people, overwhelmed by the multitude of price tariffs available, will put off the decision for a later date or not bother at all. If you are struggling to see the wood for the trees, why not take a look at ATS’s business landline and broadband pages on our website, which demonstrate the many benefits of switching to ATS, including clear transparent pricing and a named account manager to help you through the switch.


Improving your business

There is no denying that fibre optic broadband can equate to real improvements in how businesses function and grow. For example, faster internet browsing, efficient uploading and downloading of files, lower call costs by taking advantage of VoIP systems and improved business services such as video conferencing. The Connecting Shropshire and Superfast Telford websites have more information, including examples of local businesses who have made the switch.

We provide telecommunications services to businesses across Shropshire but have found that many businesses don’t know enough about fibre broadband to make an informed decision. Some assume that when fibre broadband is switched on in their area, increased speeds will automatically occur without them having to do anything. To help the businesses who want to meet us, we do our homework first and check broadband speeds, fibre broadband availability and also mobile signal strength across the networks.


Connecting Shropshire

Associated Telecom Solutions is supporting Connecting Shropshire and Superfast Telford. You can find us on the Connecting Shropshire website as a local provider. Our team of business account managers are actively contacting businesses across Shropshire to firstly inform them about the availability of fibre broadband in their area and to offer a FREE bill analysis covering their landline, broadband and mobile phones.

From this examination we provide a no obligation proposal. You see, at ATS we provide all of the above services, including fibre and a VoIP solution that is very popular. Our business mobile tariffs are highly competitive across the major networks (O2, EE and Vodafone), we can compete on price with ISPs and our landline charges consistently show a saving of 25% – 30% against BT. We are confident that we can save businesses money, thus off-setting the higher cost of fibre broadband. In addition, our customers value our ability to provide them with a convenient all-in-one telecommunication solution.


So what are you waiting for…?! It really is easy. You can wait for us to contact you but why not call us directly on 01743 453144 and we will arrange to come and see you / Skype you at a mutually convenient time. We will chat with you about your business telecommunication needs and the options available. We will come back to you within a couple of days with a written proposal that we are confident will save you money.

If we can’t help you, that is, you are in contract with other services or you’re in an area where fibre optic broadband availability is a long way off, we can still have a conversation and look to plan for the future and discuss other innovative solutions to increase your broadband efficiency. We look forward to hearing from you.


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