golf business networking


This year, ATS joined Fore Business, which is the largest golfing business networking group in the UK. There are 1,400 businesses onboard and 99% of the people you meet are decision makers.

I have met some very different businesses when I network in Shropshire. From a one-man band to a potential 30-handset account. On my first visit to Fore Business I met the owner of a sports team; he invited me to his office for a meeting to discuss what ATS could offer to benefit his players. They come from all over the world and are only in the UK for around eight months of the year. Some mobile phone companies wouldn’t be able to help in this situation but we could! We often have to do similar for HM Armed Forces personnel.

Fore Business

Here is how Fore Business works, as you may want to come along as ATS’s guest one day…? It’s a 7.20am start. The early bird catches the worm…! You have coffee and a bacon roll and a chat with fellow attendees. You are also invited to give a 60-second “elevator pitch” about your company. Not just what you do but who you help and why. If there is someone in particular you’d like to have a more in-depth conversation with, you can ask the group leader to put them in your golf group, so you can get to know them on the course. Then you go out, have your round of golf, meet up back in the club house to see how everyone got on.

National events

Another great thing about Fore Business is that they do lots of national events as well as local. This gives you the opportunity to meet different companies from all over the UK. One of the large events Fore Business held recently was a North vs. South game of match play, which around 100 people attended. There was a gala dinner afterwards and three hours of networking. Another event saw Fore Business sponsoring the pro-am day at the Oxfordshire Golf Club. You could play on the day and it was featured on Sky Sports.


Since joining ATS, I have been given the wonderful chance to network in Shropshire and beyond. I get to meet lots of interesting new people and generate new business. In some jobs, networking may not be relevant to your position or perhaps you are simply not allowed to do such a thing. But I think when you can enjoy a passion and get to mingle with some great businesspeople, a whole new world of opportunity creates itself.

If you’d like to know more about Fore Business or attend a meeting as a guest of ATS, please call me (Duncan) on 01743 491560.