What is VoIP?

With business telecoms becoming more expensive, it’s time to discover the benefits of VoIP to your business, modern technology’s flawless alternative. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way to contact people using voice calls, just as you would on your phone, but instead over the internet. This means that hefty charges for business calls added on to your phone bill are a thing of the past. Calls using your internet connection have no extra charge, which is a huge advantage. Horizon is our service which combines VoIP with a web portal that is easy to grasp. It allows you to be the administrator and monitor your employees while allowing them to utilise the service.

Benefits VoIP offers your business

Horizon is used through a web interface, meaning you can access it on any device anywhere you have an internet connection. It is controlled by you and has many features to perfect the service for your company’s agenda. Communication is much easier for customers and employees alike; businesses with multiple sites will find Horizon key to making work much more effective and customers can contact you with ease. Furthermore, recording calls is easier, allowing you to research and improve customer service – first impressions matter! The ability to contact colleagues allows for flexible working, such as working from home. This also means your business will no longer be stopped by snow, floods or strikes as calls are available in any circumstance.

How does it work?

The interface allows you to stay informed, showing you call history, recorded calls and voicemail right on the dashboard. Horizon can be set to record all calls, some calls, or certain ones on demand. The optional feature keeps your online files secure with easy access. IT management can also become administrators with powerful capabilities, while employees can manage their own calls in fast, easy, effective ways. Setting up this service is hassle-free. You can choose to retain the individual user features or give chosen employees control. An Auto Attendant is also included, which can help callers be routed to the right place. This is particularly useful for companies with many branches or products, or inform callers with opening hours or contact details if no one can come to the phone.

How to get in touch with us

To find out more about Horizon and VoIP or have your questions answered, you can call the ATS team on 0330 053 5533 or fill out the enquiry form below.



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VoIP for business