On Thursday 28th January 2016, ATS staff members Mark, Duncan and myself (Kathy) attended the hugely informative ‘How to Energize Your Workplace’ conference at The Guildhall in Shrewsbury. ATS and other Shropshire companies were invited to learn about how ‘energizing’ their workplace can improve staff confidence, motivation and productivity.

Sharing their aims and advice

The event was organised by Energize Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, the local County Sports Partnership. The vision of Energize is to enable sport and physical activity to be a part of everybody’s everyday life, and Laura Kerrigan and Ben Harper from the Energize team shared examples of how they act together with businesses to achieve this at the ‘Let us Energize your Workplace!’ workshop.

Mark, Duncan and Kathy also got involved with the workshops run by Shropshire and Telford Public Health Services and the County Sports Partnership, which included tips for creating an active work environment and empowering your workplace to make healthier choices.

Academic research

The conference was hosted by University Centre Shrewsbury, and keynote speaker was Professor John Buckley, lecturer and head researcher in Sports Medicine, Health and Exercise Science who spoke on ‘the health spectrum of energising people from sedentary behaviour to physical activity’.

Also speaking was Charlotte Edwardson, PhD, a lecturer in Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Health in the Diabetes Research Centre at the University of Leicester, who addressed the issue of ‘what works in getting workers more physically active’.

The schedule ran from 9am to 1pm and finished with lunch and a ‘marketplace’ for many stalls, such as Healthy Shropshire, Neighbourhood Life & Shrewsbury Sports Village and the Shrewsbury Club.

Getting involved and getting active

It was an excellent morning and had our team coming back to ATS inspired with what we can do to make our workforce healthier, happier and therefore better service providers for our customers.

Energize organise many workplace challenge events and after the success of last summer’s ‘Swing for Bling’ four week golfing programme, ATS plan to sponsor it again in 2016. As well as teach beginners the skills to play, the course aims to encourage Shropshire businesses to get more active. We will keep you posted…!

If you’d like to find out more about Energize’s initiatives to help local businesses, email helen.white@energizestw.org.uk or call 01743 297192.