Here is our summary of all the iPhone news from Apple’s conference on 12th September. iPhones aren’t going to be for all our business customers but, if you are a fan, please read on. ATS will be offering competitive deals when the new handsets are available in the UK, so watch this space.

Again, here is everything you need to know about the newest and hugely advanced iPhones Apple has just released.

The iPhone XS

The first new iPhone unveiled at the keynote has a 5.8 inch OLED screen – definitely one for the fans. The new picture definition allows for what Apple describes as ‘the best colour accuracy in the industry. It is made with the most durable glass ever in a smartphone and sealed with a ‘surgical-grade stainless steel band’ to make it the most water-resistant iPhone to date. The iPhone is becoming more of the multi-tool package it set out to be in 2007, as it features an innovative dual camera system. Described as a breakthrough, this feature will likely rival cameras on the market. For the functionality, it uses a brand new processor. The A12 Bionic is up to 15% faster than the A11. The iPhone XS will retail at £999, a hefty amount but impressive as it is the same starting price as its predecessor.

The iPhone XS is available in three configurations; 64GB (£999.00), 256GB (£1,149.00) and 512GB (£1,349.00), and a choice of three finishes; space grey, silver or gold.

iPhone XS Max

The huge 6.5” version of the iPhone XS has the largest display on an iPhone. This is incredible as this iPhone (just like its smaller counterpart) makes use of the ‘Super Retina’ OLED display. Although similar sizing to the iPhone 8+, the iPhone XS Max’s screen falls corner to corner, giving you optimum display as there is no longer a home button.

It also boasts a 12mp wide-angled camera and an incredible new depth control system. On top of the refreshing dual-camera system, Apple has boosted the battery life to last a further one and a half hours more than the iPhone 8 (an already impressive 21 hours). This upgrade is sure to have customers feeling satisfied as their criticisms have been taken into account. Apple received a huge backlash over the iPhone X’s shorter-than-expected battery life.

The iPhone XS Max starts at around £1,099.00 with 64GB. Also available is the 256GB for £1,249.00 and 512GB for £1,449.00. All are available in the silver, space grey and gold finishes.

iPhone XR

This is the model that many people were most intrigued about. It was kept tightly under wraps. As opposed to the XS, the XR sports a liquid retina LCD display. A massive benefit over other products companies like Samsung have to offer. Along with having most features introduced in the XS, such as the Advanced Face ID and dual-cameras, the XR’s revolutionary screen is probably its main selling point. With a wide colour pallet it stretches to the corners for the all-screen design. The new iPhone XR screen also has a haptic touch, simulating that of what a 3D touch does… just in a more affordable body. It is also said to be colour accurate, so the picture will appear more lifelike. The XR is available in six finishes, including the PRODUCT(RED) theme for charity, and starts at £749. The three different configurations are 64GB, 128GB (£799) or 256GB (£899).

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