Connecting Shropshire

Working with Connecting Shropshire to bring Shropshire communities faster broadband

Connecting Shropshire is a Government-supported programme dedicated to bringing fibre optic broadband to Shropshire homes and businesses. No one should miss out on faster broadband simply because of their location. Thanks to the programme, as of summer 2017, over 60,000 premises are fibre enabled.

Fibre for businesses

ATS is delighted to be part of the switch to fibre optic broadband and the resulting benefits for Shropshire businesses. For most businesses, irrespective of size, fast and reliable internet access is an essential tool.

Is your business often let down by low speeds and patchy connectivity?

Fibre optic cables can change all that. Also, we are seeing more and more businesses incorporating video into their marketing and communications, which requires good upload and download speeds.

“I have to say I’m impressed that I’m now getting a 280Mbps download speed to my home in the Shropshire countryside.”

– Shropshire resident

There is a big difference between copper and fibre:

  • Information travels along copper wires at less than 1% of the speed of light
  • Fibre optic cables allow information to travel at 69% of the speed of light (1)
  • Copper cables lose 94% of signal strength over 100 meters
  • Fibre optic cables lose only 3% of signal strength over the same distance (1)


The fastest broadband speeds in Shropshire

Whether you are conducting business calls over Skype, selling to customers via your website, sharing files or holding a Facebook Live, fibre is the way forward.

With ATS and Connecting Shropshire, you get the fastest speeds in your area at competitive rates. We believe fast speeds shouldn’t mean big prices. Perhaps equally as important, our business customers also enjoy FREE personal account management. You will deal with one of our Shropshire experts, not a call centre.

To discuss getting fibre for your Shropshire business, or if you would like a free analysis of your current telecoms, please call the ATS business team on 0330 053 5533 or fill in the form below.



If you run a Shropshire business and want a FREE consultation about fibre optic broadband, please call 0330 053 5533 or fill in the form below.



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