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Mobile phone deals for teachers coming to the UK from Australia, New Zealand and Canada

ATS is proud to work with anzuk, a leading organisation specialising in bringing teachers to the UK from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Anzuk provides an impeccable service and helps ensure that their teachers have what they need when starting out in a new country. One key product and service is of course communication. ATS was brought onboard to provide a choice of mobile phone packages, which include London Underground wifi, reduced call and text rates to the aforementioned countries and Travel Data Passes for international roaming.

The growth of anzuk education

Anzuk began their journey in 2004 after being founded by CEO Daniel Mundy and Managing Director Ben Goldsmith. Their original focus was to bring teachers from Australia and New Zealand to work in the UK, and offer a quality of teaching that they felt was absent in some classrooms.

For students to perform at their best, they believe that there should always be an available teacher offering their help and skills. With a consistent daily presence of quality teaching being delivered, there can then be daily progress for students to perform at their best.

“The continuous support and phone calls just to see how your day has been are what sets anzuk apart – I recommend anzuk if you want a fantastic experience and staff that care about you.”

– Kate, Primary Teacher in London

Equipped with this ethos, anzuk has since gone from strength to strength in its pursuit to source and provide an outstanding set of teachers, supply and support staff educators. They create reliable educators and aim to improve the overall quality of the education sector with their commitment to offering temporary and permanent positions for their employees.

It is this consistent drive and passion to deliver exceptional service and build on their initial focus, that has seen the company expand as a business between Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Once anzuk has succeeded in finding work for teachers from abroad, ATS is there to offer our great value mobile phone deals. It is our mission to help their staff stay connected to anzuk Head Office and maintain personal relationships back home.

It is important for most people to stay closely in touch with family and friends when starting a new job. Even more so when relocating to a new country! To have the opportunity to contact people for help and support is an invaluable asset and anzuk is especially keen that their teachers should not feel that they are alone. And this should not come at a premium.

By taking the stress out of searching for and identifying suitable mobile phone packages, ATS sees that anzuk teachers receive not only a great mobile phone deal but free, ongoing aftercare. One less thing to focus on whilst embarking on their journey of contributing to the UK education sector.

Our deals for anzuk teachers

ATS fully understands the importance of communication in a new country and our trained team is ready to offer their expertise. Here are the exclusive tariffs we are offering to anzuk teachers coming to the UK: ATS anzuk tariffs

If you are going to become an anzuk teacher and want to know more about how we can help with your mobile phone, please fill in the form below.



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